Jackrabbit Acres Shop & Create Event

On Sunday June 27th, we held our first Shop & Create event! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the creators. We all appreciate it! We look forward to the next one! However if you would like to learn more about the vendors or shop from the vendors who were here, I will link their information. Thanks!

The Awakening Soap Company

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Stormy Mondays Co: scrunchies
Glimpses of Glory: Dyed fabric that was created
StormyMondays Co: Dog Bandanas and Dog tags
The Awakening Soap Company: Yellow Rose Soaps
Macaron Soap packaging
Glimpses of Glory: Dying fabric
Glimpses of Glory: Dyed fabric
The Awakening Soap Company: Velvet crocheted Scrunchies
The Awakening Soap Company: Take Time for Yourself soap slices

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