Updates and Soap

Hi to you! 🙂  We do hope that this finds you doing very well!  Lately, Life = a series of positive action changes followed by implementation challenges.  Why is it when you make changes to your schedule, things immediately seem to go goofy?  Oh well.  We will go onward and upward, one step at a time, and try to hit the highlights during this post.

One place this has shown up has been the number of updates.  There have not been as many updates as we would have liked, unfortunately we have had computer problems.  There is still some work to in this area, but it is getting better.

Life has been busy.  Working has been a mix of creating, planning and learning new skills.  It is so much fun! We were able to be a part of a bridal shower and were able to create some neat soaps that turned out really well.  Personally, I love when we get to create a soap that is elegant and earthy and this one fit that.  It smelled so good, being scented with Lavender essential oil and having dried Lavender buds in the soap.  There was also Himalayan Pink Sea Salt pressed into the front of the soap.  Gold Mica adorned the top of each soap.  They lathered up nicely and left the skin feeling so soft.  We hope each recipient enjoys them!

This is a fun time of year where we are working on Fall and Christmas things; putting gift sets together and taking custom orders. The scents are festive and the ingredients begin to feel more Holiday like. A renewed creative energy arrives – and its like a big, deep, clear, breath.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram, check in on the fun @ Facebook, and watch Etsy in the upcoming days for new available products.

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