Life Update

SomeDaysLookBetterUpsideDown   Funny thing, we can make all sorts of carefully thought out, detailed plans – and much like a row of dominoes, one tiny little thing happens and everything goes haywire.  That is how the last few weeks have gone.  Our oldest daughter was scheduled to have some oral surgery done about a month back now.  Two weeks prior she had some kind of contact reaction that required a course of oral steroids.  I had a fleeting thought of how it might affect her surgery and felt like with two weeks until the time of the surgery we were good.  It did not cross my mind again.

The day of her surgery we gave her the medicine she was to take beforehand and headed off for her surgical procedure.  Once there I was called back to ask me some questions about the reaction and the use of her inhaler.  The inhaler part ended up to be ok, but he was concerned about the reaction.  I explained the details of what happened and he put the kibosh on her surgery.  I learned that after a reaction, even a contact reaction that causes a histamine dump in the body like hers apparently did, along with requiring oral steroids, that 6 weeks was required before her surgery could be performed.  We walked up to the window to reschedule, my mind was already trying to figure out how to keep the time sensitive pieces in place.  Knowing that our careful planning to make sure that she had plenty of time to heal before some important cheerleading times was now in jeopardy.   As was the time we had attempted to build in between her surgery and a second ear surgery that I was requiring.  (If you would like to know more on why I had to have ear surgery in the first place, click here).  Our daughter’s oral surgery was postponed until 2 days after my ear surgery.  “Just roll with it,” I thought.  However, my planning mom brain was already in over drive.

Fast forward to June 25, the day before my ear surgery, and a bit of information:

Both of my ear surgeries have been performed by the same doctor, but he does not practice where we live.  The Monday evening before my surgery we left to drive to our hotel and got a phone call that our youngest was not feeling great.  Not horrible to the point that we needed to come home, just not great.  That never does good things to the mind of a mother.  The next morning though, all seemed to be well and we went ahead with my surgery.  It appears to have gone well, although only time will tell.  Thankfully it was not as invasive and I left the surgery center feeling much better than I did after the first one that I had in January.

We traveled back home and I was feeling so good that we went straight to the gym where our youngest daughter does gymnastics.  I actually got to watch her workout for a little bit that day.  Once we did get home, I went to bed.  I was tired.

On Tuesday our youngest daughter had this cough that was not normal for her.  So I called the doctor and our nurse practitioner could see her that afternoon.  I kept thinking that this was going to be one of those visits that I ended up feeling silly taking her in for.  That it would end up being something along the lines of a cold or allergies.  I had to have our oldest daughter drive us there because of my surgery the day before and the pain medications I was on.  It ended up the poor kiddo had strep!  She was not acting at all like she does when she gets strep.  No fever at all.  Just a passing mention of her throat hurting when she woke up but not for the whole day or multiple days.  Just this cough.  Shot for her to take care of the strep…Ok, this one is under control.  Now my brain switches over to keeping Lilly well so she can have her oral surgery the next day.  Get home, take all necessary precautions to keep oldest well with my foggy medication brain.  Try and rest.  Sweet friend of Lilly’s spends the night because she wants to go with Lilly the next day.  Thank goodness for my husband once he gets home and can handle everything.  Time to go to bed.

The next morning we got Lilly her pre-surgery medication and off to surgery.  Everything went well and she got back home for some rest, relaxation and medicine.  There were definitely some funny conversations and funny moments with Lilly not being able to speak well, or loud, and me not being able to hear.  Also, her face has not quite gotten all the feeling back, and at her post op check up it looks like the root of one of the teeth that had to be moved may be ever so slightly touching a nerve.  The hope is that once her orthodontist gets it moving the way it should be, that the numbness that she has will go away.

After a little bit of time off for recovery, we are all hoping for a return to the normal busyness we are accustomed to:)


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