Family Time

Oh busy season!  I happen to love this time of year, Gymnastics and Cheer seasons are full throttle for our daughters.  It is generally a busy time for The Awakening Soap Company and for my husband at his job.  It’s just fun.  The last couple of weeks have brought us some fun with cheer competitions and gymnastics competitions, and, I had surgery on my ear.  Be forwarned, do not scroll too far down this post if you do not want to see photographic evidence of the ear surgery…

Beginning with our girls.  They are the embodiment of our hearts beating outside my body and my husband’s body.  We love these two.

It was a tough weekend for the cheerleaders.  Many of them had been fighting illness, and sadly one was not even there.  They did learn some things about themselves this weekend though.  Good, building characteristics: perseverance, toughness, and the awareness that now, even though one of their cheer tribe was missing, they could make the needed changes on the fly.  So this.  Keep on young ladies!



And these sweeties.  Our oldest is one of the “bigs” that helps out with with tiny ones, and oh are they always so cute!  Happy that they had a good performance this weekend!


The little warrior this weekend.  Proud of her!  She’s been on a journey herself.  Between a multi year break and injuries, this year is really her first full competition season.  So to get to a competition and score a 9.9 on beam is a victory for this young lady!

Now the ear, goodness gracious, one thing led to another with it.  It started out with a ruptured ear drum and several months later, it all ended in a surgical procedure.  Ready for a picture?  No worries, not too gross.


Poor ear.  It is healing and hopefully all will be well soon:)


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