Blue, Pink, Tan & Luxurious

This beautiful set is Blue and Pink with Gold Leaf accents and three (3) gorgeously detailed soaps!

Each of these three soaps have details in them that give them lots of movement and depth.  The Angel Wing weighs in at nearly 4 oz an the two (2) Medallion soaps weigh in at nearly 3 oz each.  They are tucked neatly into a bed of shred and have a gorgeous lid that has a plaster dipped white flower and three white feathers that have been partially painted a deep gold.  Each soap is scented in Rose Bulgarian essential oil.  It is a beautiful scent, but not overpowering.  So very lovely.

This soap set is listed on our Etsy store and can be purchased here.  If you have any questions please or if you would like a custom order please email us at  You can find a complete list of ingredients here.



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