Lollipop Soaps

Cute, colorful, glittery & citrus describe these soaps.  Lollipop soaps are the perfect compliment to use in a fun bathroom, given as favors at a birthday party, dinner party or  shower.

We start with our wonderful goat milk soap, then add essential oils and colorants.  Then each soap is dusted with a white mica colored sugar, wrapped and tied with a bow.  To use, simply wiggle the lollipop stick out from the soap.  The lather is oh so nice!

Currently there are three variations available in stock.  There is 1) light Blue with a gold glittery center, scented with Lime essential oil, 2) light Pink with an orange center, scented with Tangerine essential oil, 3) Salmon with a gold glittery center, scented with Lemon essential oil.

If you would like a custom order, email us at

For a complete list of ingredients click here

These soaps are listed in our Etsy shop.  Click here to view them in our Etsy store.   FullSizeRender

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